Sea Turtles

Hello Human readers I am Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), happy to be of some use to the human beings by playing the role in marine ecosystem. I am a cute creature, if not very pretty. My way of swaying,swimming and diving mesmerize all. IUCN has listed me and my friends( other spices of turtle) as 'vulnerable'. Indian myth has given great significance to our group:Lord Vishnu's second avatar is in the form of turtle (Kurma); also Indian spirituality teaches human beigns to control their senses quoting us as a model - as we pull-in our limbs and head inside our shells in case of danger. I spend most of my life time living in coral reefs, which in my real home. i go to sandy beach for laying the eggs and return to sea. Just after hatching , my babies reach the sea, slowly crawling over the sand. I may live for about 80 years. Though I live in the sea, diving to the depths, I need to come the surface for breathing,like dolphins and other cataceans. Few seconds of air-inhaling is enough to keep me very active for 5 minutues underwater. But I sleep underwater for many hours without breathing. I like feeding on the seagrasses, I also relish jelly fishes. I am called as 'Green sea turtle' because i have a green-coloured fat tissue (as a result of feeding so much of seagrasses and algae) under my shell.
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